Gantry redesign

I had alot of failed prints so late last year I did some redesigning of the printer. The weight of the stepper motor on the gantry was causing acceleration problems and was causing the hot end to bounce around . This was causing the prints to have blobs and eventually would fail the print.

I decided to move the extruder off of the gantry and use the Bowden design. This made a big difference in the prints and now I have been able hit print and walk away without the concern that I will come back to a big blob of plastic on the hot end.







3 thoughts on “Gantry redesign

  1. Hi first of all, thanks for the info, it is priceless, I am planning to build something similar, I have few questions for you.

    1. What is the limit for the z – axis in the shapeoko?

    2. What is the clearance for the gantry from the table?

    3. is there any hacks you can think of to extend the z axis? like stop the print, reset the z axis and lower the table (or rise the machine)? I have been speaking to 3D printing gurus, and they say it is almost required to have 100 mm minimum for z axis.

    Best regards


    • Juan,

      Thanks for the feedback and comments. This helps inspire me to post more of my experimentation as I learn more about modifying the system.

      The clearance for the gantry of the shapeoko for the Z axis is around 3 3/4in or 95mm. The limits of the Z axis can go a little more above gantry but the gantry limit dictates how much clearance is available for the given 3d print.

      As far as hacks go to extend the Z axis, I have seen modifications that open the ends of the shapeoko on the shapeoko site. These could be extended to raise the platform and create more space in the Z axis.

      I have been thinking about building shims/extenders by cutting a dado groove out of 3/4″ wood or by creating a framed box out of wood and using this to raise the whole platform. Addressing the gantry heigh for 3d printing is on my long list of modifications to address on the shapeoko in my spare time. When I get to this I will post if this works for me. I would like to address opening the front up so that there is room to maneuver in the work area.

  2. Hi Alan,

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing. I discovered the shapeoko cnc about two weeks ago and have been reading/watching as much as possible on it.

    How is the print quality/resolution now that you’ve moved things around? Do you think it would be comparable to a Delta 3d printer, or a makerbot?

    I think I’m going to wait a bit until the Shapeoko Mark II is released before building one, but when I do, I’d like to use it for CNC, 3d printing and some laser cutting/etching.

    Keep up the great work!

    Just subscribed to your YouTube channel – can’t wait to see more of your project’s progression.

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